Books that will make you think, help you grow, and make you money.

Last night, I did a marketing webinar with NOFA- Mass. We had  great time talking about the buyers journey, the curse of knowledge, how to tell your customers story, and the importance of unified messaging.  At the end, I offered some resources that I have found helpful. Here you go. Click the book to take you to Amazon and purchase.

Paco underhill is an environmental psychologist, who has spent his career researching why people
buy or the science of shopping. For those who have retail outlets for their product, whether they be farmers market stalls, roadside stands, or other venues, Paco’s books are a must.

Simon Huntley has been on the forefront of helping farmers with their web presence, CSA software, and figuring out how to market their farms. He will be releasing a new book, Cultivating Customers, in a few days and I am looking forward to it. Sell what you sow is another must for farmers, it covers a vast array of information that is important to marketing and promotion.

Seth Godin is a legend of his own, he has spent the last part of his career helping us understand how ideas spread, marketing, leadership and change. He was recently inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of fame.  Good stuff.

In Platform, Michael Hyatt lays out how to build an audience and sell your idea or product. Excellent step by step guide, with short, easy to read chapters. Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment, has chapters on things like; How to achieve likability, how to enchant your employees,  and how to achieve trustworthiness. A good read for how to understand people and how to change how they view you.

Of course no farm library would be complete with out The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook or You Can Farm by Joel Salatin. Essential for any farm. I’m not sure why Richard put organic in the title, this book is for any farm.

Another book which everyone should read, farmer or not, would be the enduring classic,  How to win friends and influence people. Get it, read it, and then read it again.

Of course, who has time to read all these books?  That’s why I recommend Audible. From driving to markets, hours on the tractor, to driving home for the holidays, a good book is a great companion and education.