Kilpatrick Family Farm

Kilpatrick Family Farm is a family-run vegetable farm located in Middle Granville, N.Y., near the Vermont border. KFF is a four-season farm that grows and sells crops year-round through farmers markets, a community-supported agriculture program (CSA), and fine area restaurants.

Kilpatrick Family Farm has a strong commitment to organic agriculture. We have always used organic growing practices and became Certified Naturally Grown in 2005, in 2014 we became Certified Organic through EcoCert ICO. We also feel compelled to a higher standard than the required organic standards. This shows up in practices such as the extensive use of compost and organic matter for fertility, rotational grazing for all animals, regular use of various cover crops and organic mulches, and non-GMO biodegradable corn-based plastic mulch.

We feel that our mission is not simply to grow great vegetables but to provide our customers with great local food and to continue to build the local food ecosystem. We feel that when consumers become connected with their farmers they eat healthier and appreciate their food more. A network of local farms is also the only way to achieve true food safety and food security and revive the local and national economy. We feel that community-supported agriculture plays a huge part in this.


KFF was started in 2003 by brothers Philip and Michael Kilpatrick, who grew up in suburban Massachusetts. In 1999, the Kilpatrick family moved to Granville to get away from “city life.” In Granville, they had enough land to garden, which was very exciting! After a couple of years, the garden grew, so much so that by 2002 Philip and Michael began selling their produce to neigh- bors and the community at large. In 2003, Philip and Michael sat down and decided to make it a business. Thus, Kilpatrick Family Farm was born. By 2005, the farm was selling at multiple weekly farmers markets with a handful of wholesale accounts.


This past year (2011), Kilpatrick Family Farm grew to a staff of 12, with 14 acres of vegetable production. In all, we manage more than 300 acres of farmland, including pasture for a menagerie of farm animals, including goats, hens, broiler chickens and a cow.

Our CSA program feeds more than 250 families with shares offered year-round. We remain strongly committed to our farmers market retail customers in Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls. And, we maintain valuable farm-to-table restaurant accounts including Beekman Street Bistro, Farm House Restaurant at Top of the World, Fifty South and more!