Radical new hoop house design to save you time and money (Edited)

Since being transplanted to Ohio and taking a short hiatus from full time farming, I’ve been wanting to do some backyard growing. I knew that I wanted a small hoop house, but the design was escaping me. So many of the different small houses I had built were too flimsy, or didn’t have a door, or just too much work. So I thought and thought, for around 3 months before I came up with this design. It has only been up for 2 weeks, so it’s not thoroughly tested, but so far, it seems to work.  Let me know what you think!!


After I shared this video, Eliot Coleman emailed me that he had used this design back on a house in 2002 to overwinter field crops. Good designs always reappear.

Eliot Coleman slanted endwall 2002

A similar house that eliot designed back in 2002

Do you have ideas to make this a better design?  Comment below!!

  • Susanna Thornton

    Looks great! Where did you get the materials?

    • michael_kilpatrick

      Rimol, Nolts produce supply, Lowes, Haygrove (for the rope).

  • John Campbell

    I want a hoop house with tall vertical sides and then then hoop. Do you think this house could be built on pipe that stands say 4 or 5 or feet tall? the top/bent hoop would fit inside the larger diameter vertical pipe that was driven into the ground.

    • michael_kilpatrick

      I think it would work. the only thing to think about is that the bottom plastic won’t be as taut as the curved areas. Also, I might put in some increased bracing.