Rimol Greenhouse Systems, Inc.
(603) 629-9004

Harnois Industries Inc.
(888) HARNOIS (1-888-427-6647)

Ledgewood Greenhouses


Four Season Tools

Greenhouse Supplies/Parts

Nolt’s Produce Supplies
152 North Hershey Avenue,
Leola PA 17540
(717) 656-9764
(supplies only – wouldn’t trust their frames)

Advancing Alternatives
FlareTube, automated Roll-up curtains
(877) 546-2257

Northern Greenhouse Supply
superstrong woven poly
(204) 327-5540

Heating Systems

Takagi – tankless water heaters
Delta T Solutions – bench heating systems

Refrigeration/Root Cellers/storage bins

Barr, Inc. – used coolers and freezers
Coolbot – innovative device to turn a air conditioner into a cooler
(888) 871-5723
Buckhorn – plastic storage crates
Container Exchanger – used plastic bins/crates

Flame weeders


Most of our seeds come from Johnnys Selected Seeds. They are great to work with, always more than happy to share there extensive knowledge base. They sell a wide variety of seeds, usually available untreated and organic. Their extensive line of pelleted seeds is always a plus.

High Mowing Seeds
 is the largest Certified Organic seed company in the US. As we switch more and more to organic seed, they have been helpful in making that transition.

When the two above companies don’t carry something, or we’re looking for a specialty variety, we will turn to some of the below companies.

Wild Garden Seeds
Osborne Seeds
Territorial Seeds
Gourmet Seed Company

Supplies/irrigation/harvest bins

Dubois Agrinovation
– for irrigation supplies, plasticulture, containers

Nolt’s Produce Supplies
152 North Hershey Ave.
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-9764


Glacier Valley
(800) 236-6670


Equipment Sources

Books to Read

on Growing

Eliot Coleman – New Organic Grower, Winter Harvest Handbook
Richard Wiswall – The Organic Farmers Business Handbook
Fred Magdoff – Building Soils for Better Crops
Shepard Ogden – Straight Ahead Organic

on Business

Steven Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Jim Collins – Good to Great, Great by Choice
John Maxwell – All his books are great
Richard Koch – 80/20 principle
Michael Gerber – E-myth Revisited

on Marketing

Guy Kawasaki – The Art of Enchantment
Seth Godin – All his books are great, subscribe to his blog.

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Other resources

USDA Handbook No. 66, The Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, and Florist and Nursery Stocks
Recent KFF Workshop recap by Rutland Area Farm and Food Link
Handout from Michael’s Winter Growing talk at the NOFA summer conference

UVM Vegetable and Berry Grower Resouces