I can speak for as short as 20 minutes or as long as a full day (6 hours) session. I typically speak on the subjects below, but feel free to shoot me an idea and we can see if we can make it work. For examples of my presentations, please visit our YouTube channel.

Farming the 4 seasons

  • Field season extension: farming the back side of the calendar in the field
  • Overwintering different crops in the field: dates, times, varieties, storage
  • Winter storage crops: cultivation, systems, planting, storage, marketing
  • Micro-climates: tricks and tips, tools for earlier and later cropping
  • Specialty crops: what works, doesn’t  work, and the numbers

Winter Greenhouse and Hoophouse Growing

  • The perfect greenhouse:  What size/shape is best for what, where and when?
  • Winter greens production: tips, tricks, dates, varieties, etc.
  • The great debate: heat or no heat in winter greenhouses, case studies, experiences and cost analysis
  • Microgreens and shoots: is it worth the cost?

Marketing and CSA

  • The year-round farm
  • CSA: is it feasible and sustainable?
  • Connecting with your customers: differentiating the why, how, and what
  • Selling the year-round farm through social media
  • Our CSA with choice: How we delight our customers with the best CSA in our area

What can you expect from us

  • Prompt replies to emails and phone calls. I really like to connect once by phone before the event to firm up what is expected and any loose details.
  • A tailored, well researched and presented, interactive presentation.
  • Total involvement in the conference. When not speaking I plan on being around answering questions in a more detailed, relaxed atmosphere outside of the presentation period.
  • A handout for every talk.
  • A custom web resource page which will include the  presentation slides of the event, links to books, articles and videos I feel will benefit the attendees.
  • A follow up call after the conference to discuss how I did, how I can improve and any other questions or comments.


We are committed to the local, sustainable food movement. Many farmers have shared with us over the years their tricks, tips and techniques. Speaking at conferences is a way for us to give back to the community and share what we are learning. However, good presentations require a lot of research, prep time and rehearsal.  For example, a 90-minute presentation on a new topic can require up to 40 hours to prepare. That said, contact us and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Here’s how we like to do it:

  • For distances over a half-day drive (4 to 5 hours), I prefer to fly in the day before and fly out the day after. For less than a half-day drive, I am willing to drive in. For some conferences I am able to stay the entire conference and others, just the day of presentation.
  • I prefer a hotel room to myself where I can rehearse and rest. Preferably close to the conference center, so I can move equipment and such back and forth easily. All expenses will be covered by the conference, and will be submitted within one week of the end of conference.