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Mowing Straw

Mowing straw in one of our Granville Fields

This is a short clip of mowing down the straw and vetch in one of our fields. We plant between 25-30 acres of rye/vetch a year, most of it is baled although some we flail down into the growing fields for organic matter.  Although we had an unusually warm and dry spring, the rye did quite well.  In fact, in some places, it is per 6 ft high, which caused binding in the mower. We had to slow the ground speed and speed up the RPM’s to cut it properly. The tractor is a 125 HP John DEERE with a 9 FT New Holland mower on the back.

Video Here

Cover Crop

Feeding our Soil at KFF

Cover Crop

Rye and Vetch cover crop

Solar lignified carbon sequestration fertilization.


Yes, it’s a mouthful. And yes, it’s what we do here at KFF with our cover crops. Cover crops, which are crops that are grown to feed, protect and cover the soil, play an integral role here in our strategy to bring you the best food possible. Continue reading