Weekly update 4/1

The weather is finally starting to break. Daytime temperatures are averaging in the 50s and nights are starting to be in the 30s. Fields are starting to dry out — we will be tilling by the end of the week on ground that was prepped and bedded up last fall.

Overwintered onions are looking good. They survived the winter in the mini-tunnels even though they only had one layer of 30 weight rowcover on them. We will be weeding and fertilizing them this week.

Greenhouses are okay. Some serious cercospera in the spinach that is not being driven back by actinovate or oxidate. New plantings of greens are coming on, while overwintered kale, Swiss chard and Asian greens are bolting. Hoophouses are replanted with spring greens. Tomatoes will go in late next week.

Went to an auction in Massachusetts last Saturday. Prices on some things were shockingly low. Barely used 35K onion bagging line went for 5K; beautiful 20-foot tri-fold transport disk, $1,800. Ford 8600 with new rubber, $6,000. I have to keep reminding myself I am not in the equipment business. I did pick up a rotary table, packing supplies, and a 1,500-gallon tank to expand our water storage system.